A Week With Tilly – Everton Hills – Qld – 27 Jun to 04 July

Tilly is a lovely natured, playful little girl living in Everton Hills. Her owners were going camping for the week and we took the opportunity to look after her in order to be with a pet again.

She is an outside dog and had a go at trying to see how far she could push the friendship by whining which then turned into a howl at 2.30am our first night there. She was soon relocated to the back deck, closer to us where she settled nicely. Her owner informed us a stern “NO” would have had her stop. Needless to say this is where Tilly slept for the duration of our sit with her. Each night she was put into her stylish jacket due to the cold weather.

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water for Tilly

Daily Walk


Security of the Home

Mail Collection