Apartment Living With Guinea Pigs & Bonsai – Chiswick NSW -28 Dec 2019 to 04 Jan 2020

We were pleased to be accepted for this sit as it gave us a chance to look after Guinea Pigs something which we had not had in our care before. They were easy care, gentle and very amusing little creatures. Their two storey cage shares the balcony with the bonsai plants.

Fresh Vegetables
At the Hay Bar
Crunchy Pellets

Each morning they were fed fresh fruit and vegetables, hay & pellets. It amazed us how much these little guys could put away. Due to the temperatures in Sydney at the time of our stay we ensured that they never ran out of water and on days 30 degrees plus (which there were a few!) added frozen water bottles to their cage.

Cooling down beside the water bottle!
Some of the many bonsais
More of the bonsais

While on this sit we were able to take in some of the sights of Sydney. When the owners said the ferry terminal was just across the road, it really was just across the road! Both of us had not been to Sydney for many years and it was nice to visit “The Welcome Wall” at Darling Harbour. Bruno’s name is as the wall which honours all those who have emigrated to Australia. It was also nice to reconnect with the city.

Sydney Harbour
Opera House
Welcome Wall