Carrara With Alfie & Bailey – Qld – 01 Apr to 10 Apr 2021

We were approached by the family of two different owners (that we have previously sat for) and decided that we would split to do both of their sits. We were to be first time sitters for them both and this had me stay in Carrara with Alfie & Bailey and Bruno going to Norman Park to care for Nugget & Tiesto. Once again with Covid still alive and well, a lock down was called and the owners left a day early with me arriving on the next. We feel that with house sitting, being able to be flexible is very important and now during these uncertain times more so than ever.

Afternoon Nap

As it was school holidays and with the owner’s permission I was able to spend time at the house with my grandson. He has a beautiful rescue greyhound himself and is no stranger to dogs. Alfie and Bailey didn’t seem to mind all of the extra attention either. They were both very easy to care for and I enjoyed my stay with these two a lot, with them being great company for each other and for me.

Added Attention

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Alfie & Bailey

Play/Daily Walks

Security/Mail Collection

Great Mates