Lexus A Little Blue Tabby Living In Bellbowrie – Qld – 03 to 21 June 2021 & 21 to 25 Oct 2021

We were to be Lexus’s owners first house sitters and after a visit to their lovely home and meeting Lexus we were accepted for the sit. Lexus is an older pet and most days was just happy to lay on her bed venturing off to eat and drink.

Close By
Getting To Know You!

While looking after Lexus we noticed that she was drinking an unusual amount of water and using her litter tray more frequently. We queried this with her owner and it was decided that we would take her to her vet just to have her checked over. We, and her owners were very glad that we did as she was then diagnosed with feline diabetes. We were a few days out from the end of the sit and when Lexus’s owners returned they were able to get her insulin levels right with daily injections.

Beautiful Gardens Surround The Home
Some Daily Visitors
Watching the Sun Go Down

We were so happy to be invited back by Lexus’s owners to be looking after her again. We found a very different little girl this time round with her being well and not sick. She became our little shadow and where we sat she came to do so also. Lexus is an early riser and a favourite time of the day for me was getting to sit with her in one of the areas in the garden and watch the day begin. We have been invited back again and are hoping that we are available to look after her.

Early Morning

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water for Lexus

Litter Tray Maintenance

Security Of The Home

Mail Collection

Some Watering Of Plants

Feed For The Birds

Beautiful Lexus

Nugget The Gentle Giant & Tiesto The Cat – Norman Park – Qld – 02 Apr to 22nd April 2021

With Bruno and I splitting he stayed in Norman Park with Nugget and Tiesto for ten days while I was in Carrara on the Gold Coast with Alfie & Bailey. Both owners were agreeable for us to do so. The owners of Nugget had described him as gentle, obedient and loyal and this is exactly was he was. Nugget is 8 years old and was very content to go for his daily lap around the park, eat, snooze and spend time on the front deck with us. It was slightly amusing watching people’s reactions when walking towards them with this beautiful boy. Tiesto is a pretty little girl and was just as easy to look after and spent most of her time asleep in her spot on the lounge or could be found on her chair near the kitchen.

Out & About

Nugget is not a big fan of storms and large gatherings. Living across from a beautiful park we found that a lot of balloon popping birthday parties were in full swing most weekends. For these times Nugget felt safer and more comfortable either in his space downstairs or close by to us. We were very lucky to have back up in a neighbour who had also owned a Bull Mastiff and knew Nugget well.

Tiesto – could this be a hint that it is dinnertime?
Tiesto & Nugget
Taking a break

We enjoyed spending time with Tiesto and Nugget and would return to look after them in an instant!

Responsibilities Included:

Water/Feed for Tiesto & Nugget

Security of the Home

Daily Walks for Nugget

Mail Collection/Watering Plants

Carrara With Alfie & Bailey – Qld – 01 Apr to 10 Apr 2021

We were approached by the family of two different owners (that we have previously sat for) and decided that we would split to do both of their sits. We were to be first time sitters for them both and this had me stay in Carrara with Alfie & Bailey and Bruno going to Norman Park to care for Nugget & Tiesto. Once again with Covid still alive and well, a lock down was called and the owners left a day early with me arriving on the next. We feel that with house sitting, being able to be flexible is very important and now during these uncertain times more so than ever.

Afternoon Nap

As it was school holidays and with the owner’s permission I was able to spend time at the house with my grandson. He has a beautiful rescue greyhound himself and is no stranger to dogs. Alfie and Bailey didn’t seem to mind all of the extra attention either. They were both very easy to care for and I enjoyed my stay with these two a lot, with them being great company for each other and for me.

Added Attention

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Alfie & Bailey

Play/Daily Walks

Security/Mail Collection

Great Mates

Precious Poppy – Surfers Paradise – Qld – 18 Mar to 28 Mar 2021

We feel very lucky to have been chosen to look after Poppy who is a 2 year old Cavoodle living in a beautiful apartment in Surfers Paradise. We were able to visit with Poppy and her owner prior to the sit. Poppy has been well trained by her owner and she has personality plus! A well known little celebrity in her apartment complex and she is forever being stopped for a pat or pickup cuddle.

Poppy’s view from her balcony
Giving the hint – Game on!

Poppy traveled well in the car and came with us on many outings. She also loves a ball game and after many throws understood that “no more Pop” meant the game was over. Living in an apartment means that we took her down for toilet breaks and she was always so good with that. There is beautiful garden areas within the complex and we had access to the beach at all times. There were two things that Poppy didn’t like and they were any animal on the TV and other dogs being on HER beach!

Beach Baby
She even tidies her toys which made us laugh!
Out and about

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water for Poppy

Toilet Breaks

Play & Walks

Contemplating life at Sunrise!

The Beautiful Scenic Rim With Jazz, George & Belle – Boonah – Qld – 22 Feb to 15 Mar 2021

We met with Dave and his little crew prior to the sit and arrived mid morning of the day of his departure. After a run through of his notes he was on his way. In Dave’s words: “Jazz and George are mini foxies, about 14 years old. Jazz is rather deaf and a little vision impaired. She is also quite anxious and often shakes, but she is a happy dog and will usually hover nearby and keep you company. George is super friendly, loves constant cuddles and is a sook. Belle is a furry friendly fat cat, who has never scratched anyone. She occasionally gets a urinary inflammation if stressed which is relieved by simple medication”. Thankfully we feel that Belle was comfortable with us and never needed this medication.

Not Enough Hands!
Neighborhood Watch!
Jazz & Belle
Sleeping On The Job!
George & Belle

The three pets were very easy care and we enjoyed our time staying in Dave’s lovely country home in Boonah. Jazz, George & Belle are very much into a routine and I suppose this makes for an easy transition from owners to sitters as they all seemed very happy and contented to be with us. We had daily walks with them and also had some time out to explore the beautiful area.

George Doing What He Does Best!
George Never Far From You! Such A Snuggler!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Jazz, George & Belle

Change Belle’s Litter

Security/ Mail Collection Home

Lawn & Garden Care

Mini Foxies About Town!

Our Week With Millie The Spoodle – Wooloowin – Qld – 10 Jan to 17 Jan 2021

We were able to coordinate with the owners of the sit that we were on in Annerley to leave one day early in order for Millie’s owners to leave for their holiday as Brisbane was being locked down due to Covid19. Both owners were happy with this as no one would be going anywhere if the change was not made. Millie is a sweet little girl and we thoroughly enjoyed looking after her.

Loves A Cuddle
One Of Her Favourite Toys

We had a fun week with Millie, walks morning and early evening. She travels well in the car and came along for a visit to our daughter. Millie was a little unsure of getting down from my lap at first due to Chevy the Greyhound being around but after a while she plucked up the courage and went to discover the goldfish.

Day Out
Not Too Sure Of Chevy!
She Was Mesmerised!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water & Daily Walks for Millie

Mail Collection & Security of the Home

Our Stay With Biscuit The Cavoodle – Annerley – Qld – 03 Jan to 09 Jan & 05 Feb to 09 Feb 2021

We were able to visit with Biscuit’s owners prior to the sit and were pleased that we would be caring for this full of fun little dog. Our first sit with Biscuit was cut short because of Brisbane having a 3 day snap lock down due to Covid. Biscuit’s owners had a family member care for him for one night to allow us to go early to our next sit which then in turn allowed those owners to leave early to avoid the restriction of movement during the lock down. We were very happy to be invited back for another short stay with Biscuit in February. We were close to everything that we needed and it was lovely to walk the streets of this leafy suburb with Biscuit. There are several cafes nearby all within walking distance and Biscuit enjoyed accompanying us to these.

Loves A Cuddle
Enjoying A Coffee
Homeward Bound

Biscuit has a resident possum residing in the trees in his backyard. We were mindful as to not have him out too early in the morning or late at evening due to the fact that he would be barking non stop in order to see the intruder off his property. He was a gentle little dog but certainly didn’t like those possums or the postman!

Eye On The Prize
Caught In The Act

Biscuit could be found any time of the day relaxing on the lounge. He kept us amused with his changing positions on the couch. He was a very easy little dog to look after and a touch of the lead would have him at the front door ready to go for a walk!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Biscuit

2 X Daily Walks

Security /Mail Collection

Minimal Lawn Care

Watering Pot Plants

Our Time With Rosie & Busby – Bribe Island – Qld – 09 Dec 2020 to 02 Jan 2021

The most challenging sit to date but we would do it all over again!

We met with Rosie & Busby’s owners prior to the sit and were given the back stories of these two beautiful rescues. They could not have found themselves with any better owners for their new lives. Their devotion to Rosie & Busby is outstanding.

Busby & Rosie

Rosie suffers anxiety greatly and with having a new home built either side the vet thinks that, that might have started off her paw licking, she had well and truly licked some sections of her paws to the stage of being raw in some spots. Then throw us (new carers) into the mix and the licking continued.

Walking to take her mind off the cone
Starting to look better
The offending socks!

Communicating with Rosie’s owners we were able to try several things which included taking her to the vets to have a cone fitted, an antiseptic spray to deter her from licking, applying hemp oil to her fur gently massaging it in and covering her legs with socks. The cone just exacerbated her anxiety to a higher level so that was off within the hour, the spray helped as did we felt, applying the hemp oil. The socks she had chewed off her legs in record time!

We are very pleased to say that Rosie calmed down over a period of time and she must of thought that “This pair aren’t that bad after all” We stayed strictly to her routine and it was lovely to see this beautiful girl get better with things every day. She was walked twice daily and enjoyed going out early morning and late afternoon due to the heat.

Checking out the neighbours
Rosie & Bruno
Belly Rub Bliss

Busby was also a delight and with everything that was going on we feel looking back on the sit, took second place. We also kept Busby in his routine and each day he was given his food supplement which he always took gladly. Busby is an “inside only” cat.

Daily Food Supplement
Yes, I am allowed up here!
Busby giving Bruno’s glasses a close inspection

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Rosie & Busby

2 X Daily Walks for Rosie

Medication – Weekly tablet for Rosie & Daily Food Supplement for Busby

Cleaning & Change Litter for Busby

Security of the Home

Mail Collection

Watering of Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Lawn Care

Beautiful Buddy – 3 Year Old English Staffy – Mitchelton Qld – 04 Dec to 09 Dec 2020

Such a Happy Boy
An Englishman & A Scholar
Another “Happy Face” Shot

Once again with a gap in between sits we applied to care for Buddy as our dates connected perfectly. We visited prior and met with Buddy and his little family. This is one small boy who is a much loved member of the family with a huge personality. He was our first Staffy and we fell in love instantly! Buddy is well behaved, loves his walks and a play in the backyard with his two balls. Yes two, as the only way you can get one off Buddy is to throw the other!

My TV Buddy
A bit of a smoocher!

Buddy loves to be with you and at night he would lie near you while you watched TV. We had so much fun with this little bundle of muscle and would return in an instant to be with him.

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Buddy

Morning/Afternoon Walks for Buddy + Play

Indoor/Outdoor Plants to be Watered

Mail Collection & Security of the Home

Beach Living With Louie A Little 5 Month Old Whippet – Miami Qld – 29 Nov to 04 Dec 2020

Visiting prior to looking after Louie and having a small gap to fill in between sits we were very pleased to be chosen by Louie’s owners as the dates fitted perfectly for us to connect the sits.

Louie with one of his favourite toys
Feeling Secure
Louie’s Model Pose

Louie was 5 months old, full of energy and fun. He has lots of toys to choose from with some being his favourites. He lives straight across from the beach and it was just lovely walking him several times throughout the day either on the beach or the pathway beside. With a cafe nearby we were able to take him with us and on the walks we were always stopped by admirers of Louie. We also were able to take him out as he travels well in the car.

Rock Climbing
Looking toward Surfers Paradise
Enjoying time in the Car

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water Louie

Daily Walks & Playtime

General House Care & Security