Pet Free Sits – Kallangur 18 Jan – 02 Feb & Wooloowin 03 Feb – 12 Feb 2020

Kallangur – A message went out in the housesitting community asking if anyone was available to help the owner who had been called away to help with the bushfires that were raging down in New South Wales – Australia. We had a small period of time available and were able to help out in this instance and also organise another sitter to take over from us. Our main responsibility for the owner was the security of the home.

Wooloowin – This also was a sit where the owner was looking for the security of the home as several of the houses in the street had been broken into over the past few months. We had the garden and indoor plants to look after as well as collecting the mail each day. By coincidence we also arranged for another sitter to take over from us as we had another sit pre arranged and the owner was happy to do this.

Chevy the Greyhound – Built For Speed But Prefers the Quiet Life – Gold Coast – Qld – 06th to 18th January 2020

Chevy belongs to our daughter and grandson and we looked after him, their fish and their unit while they were away on holidays in North Queensland. He is a 6 year old ex racer and was purchased through the Greyhound Adoption Program and has been a loved family member for the past two years.

Chevy loves to go for his walks but I think secretly prefers to be on his bed as this is where he can be found anytime during the day. We took him out both early morning and late afternoon due to the weather being so hot at the time. He is a very gentle dog preferring to just walk on by when meeting other dogs. It is always interesting to see people’s reactions to a greyhound with some either very curious or crossing the road or even turning back in order not to meet up with you. I can fully understand this reaction as prior to getting Chevy I had no idea of their gentle natures.

This sit was not without mishap! We had an unusual amount of rain with an early morning storm and at 4.30am found ourselves having to mop up and try to contain water that was coming through the front door. Thankfully Bruno found a blocked drain on the top of the driveway and once unblocked the water started to drain away!! The aftermath was a couple of hours of mopping but the unit is now with very clean floors. At one stage I said to Bruno “This could happen to us on a sit!” His reply “We are on a sit!!!!”

Apartment Living With Guinea Pigs & Bonsai – Chiswick NSW -28 Dec 2019 to 04 Jan 2020

We were pleased to be accepted for this sit as it gave us a chance to look after Guinea Pigs something which we had not had in our care before. They were easy care, gentle and very amusing little creatures. Their two storey cage shares the balcony with the bonsai plants.

Fresh Vegetables
At the Hay Bar
Crunchy Pellets

Each morning they were fed fresh fruit and vegetables, hay & pellets. It amazed us how much these little guys could put away. Due to the temperatures in Sydney at the time of our stay we ensured that they never ran out of water and on days 30 degrees plus (which there were a few!) added frozen water bottles to their cage.

Cooling down beside the water bottle!
Some of the many bonsais
More of the bonsais

While on this sit we were able to take in some of the sights of Sydney. When the owners said the ferry terminal was just across the road, it really was just across the road! Both of us had not been to Sydney for many years and it was nice to visit “The Welcome Wall” at Darling Harbour. Bruno’s name is as the wall which honours all those who have emigrated to Australia. It was also nice to reconnect with the city.

Sydney Harbour
Opera House
Welcome Wall

A Relaxing & Peaceful Christmas Stay In Burradoo with 8 Chickens – NSW – 22nd Dec to 27th Dec 2019

We had started to organise our New South Wales sits mid July and in August the owners accepted us for this sit. We were able to visit prior to the sit starting and pick up keys and information regarding the home, chickens & gardens. To our delight we also found out that we would have a family of kookaburras visit each afternoon for some food and water.

During our stay we enjoyed fresh eggs daily and also any of the beautiful vegetables that were ready to pick. Because of the ongoing drought that these areas are experiencing everything is so dry and brown. There are strict water restrictions and any watering that we did was by watering can only and the grey water from showers & washing. It was sad to see as the owners have beautiful gardens both ornamental and vegetable and are having to let some things go.

Here, we also were using the Fires Near Me App as there was a threat that the fires could easily reach this area. We had constant smoke haze in the sky for our stay. Thankfully for us we didn’t experience anything further but believe that the fires did come close to the whole Bowral/Burradoo area.

Responsibilities Included:

Water & Feed Chickens & Collect Eggs

Security/Mail Collection

Water Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Feed & Top Up Water for All The Birds

Short stay in Bargo – NSW with Jack, Junior & Mishka 13 Dec to 17 Dec 2019

We had in our care Jack the Border Collie 17 years old – Junior the Cattle Dog 6 years old and Mishka the cat! Two days into the sit Jack became very unwell and we drove him to the afterhours emergency vet in Inglewood. The decision was taken by his owners after consulting with the vet to have him euthanised. Due to Jack’s age and health problems at the time we feel that this was the kindest but hardest decision the owners had to make. The vets were just wonderful and made him comfortable until the owners arrived in order for them to be with him that night.

Jack & Junior

During our time in Bargo we had the Fires Near Me Alert on our phone as this was bushfire territory, so much so that the day after we left the owners were evacuated and their property water bombed!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed & Water for Jack, Junior & Mishka

Ball Play for Junior & Giving Them Time In The Pool

Water Pot Plants & Garden

Mail Collection

Security for the Home

Head Over Heels In Love with Rockie – Tauranga – NZ -08 Nov to 25 Nov 2019

We were able to meet with Rockie and his owners on our way to New Plymouth before returning to Tauranga to start the sit. Rockie is the sweetest little dog that you could ever meet. He was very easy care and loved to go for his walks each day.

Rockie Dog
Walk Close to Home

Rockie required daily eyedrops, he would sit and allow you to put one drop in each eye, a process made easy as he looked forward to a treat as his reward. He also had a weekly visit to Animates for a bath. The owners had paid for a yearly subscription and Rockie could be taken anytime. Animates was a short walk and we enjoyed taking him each Friday for his wash. We are not sure whether Rockie felt the same way!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Tauranga as the home was situated within walking distance to the city centre and everything that you could possibly need. There are great cafes and restaurants in the area and many nice walks where we were able to take Rockie either by car or on foot.

With all of our sits, be they long or short we feel that we make a close connection with the pets. With this sit the bond between Rockie and Bruno was special and very evident in the following photos!

Responsibilities Included:

Scatter Feed/Water and twice daily walks for Rockie

Daily Eyedrops & Weekly Wash for Rockie

Security for the Home/Mail Collection/Watering Plants

Our Own Piece Of Paradise with Patsy & Clyde – Urenui – NZ – 16th Oct to 5th Nov 2019

We contacted Patsy and Clyde’s owners while we were on our first house sit in New Zealand in August. We were very pleased to be accepted for the sit straight up from our first email. Arriving the night before we shared a lovely meal together and got to know Patsy & Clyde a little better before driving their owners to the airport early the following morning.


For the whole duration of the sit we were kept amused by this pair. It was like having two small children in the house at night. Clyde would spend the day outside and come in at night, spend a bit of time with us in the lounge room and then take himself off to bed. Patsy would stay with us in the lounge and when we retired would also take herself off to bed. They slept in their own little baskets next to each other on their owners bed.

Ocean View
Mountain View

The owners built themselves a beautiful home here many years ago with a spectacular view from every window. It really is a piece of paradise and we enjoyed our time here so much. They are mostly self sufficent growing their own fruit trees and vegetables as well as keeping chickens. Of course this meant that we had an ongoing supply of produce and fresh eggs.

Getting Aquainted

Our daily walk with Patsy was to the letterbox a two km round trip. Along the way we had the company of the cows if they were in the top paddock as well as the owner’s sheep that they share with the neighbour.

Daily Walk To The Letterbox
Patsy Relaxing

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Patsy & Clyde

Daily Letterbox Walk for Patsy

Security of the home/Mail Collection

Feed & Water for the 9 Chickens

Mowing of the Lawn

Seven Days with Indie and Mocha in Auckland – NZ – 5th to 12th October 2019

When at our previous sit we arranged this week with Indie & Mocha’s owners and were able to visit and pick up keys from the family prior to the sit starting. An early morning departure flight on the 5th for the owners was the reason for doing this. In our care we had Indie the Cavoodle (another first for us) and Mocha, a beautiful feline in both looks and nature.

We had so much fun with these two – Indie was still very much at that puppy stage and was always up for a game be it with her favourite toys, playing ball or arriving quickly on the scene if you even remotely looked like you might pay Mocha some attention.

Favourite Toy
Yet to learn you need to give it back!
Mocha looking for some “Me time”
Indie making sure that’s not going to happen!

Once again we had lovely walks close by to the home. Our favourite was the Rotary Walkway which skirted the seaside with views across to Mt Wellington. Indie loved her two daily walks and was happy on leash. We were kindly invited to have afternoon tea with a family member and took Indie along with us. An enjoyable visit watching the sailboats race.

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Indie & Mocha

Twice Daily Walks Indie

Mail Collection/Security of the Home

Bonnie & Pepper – Little girls with big personalities – Auckland – NZ – 05 August to October 1st 2019

Eager to Walk!
Early Morning Walk

We started communication with Bonnie and Pepper’s owner six months prior to the sit and were very excited to book our flights as this was our first trip to New Zealand for both of us and the first time sitters for the owner. From the moment we saw Bonnie and Pepper we fell in love with them both. We had not cared for Shitzu/Bijon Crosses before and found them to be very entertaining and easy to care for with each possessing their own very different personality.

Mt Eden
Off Leash

Each day we would venture out with the girls. We discovered so many beautiful and interesting walks where we could have the dogs on or off leash. These walks were either within walking distance of the house or a short drive away. They were very well behaved and just loved the freedom of being off leash.

Life imitating Art!
Such good girls! Mum has us trained not to go into the kitchen!

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Bonnie & Pepper

Daily Walks/Grooming

Take to the Dog Groomers

Security of The Home

Mail Collection

Return Sit with Sampson – Scarborough – Qld – Australia – 23rd Jul to 5 Aug 2019

We ran into Sampson’s owners in Montville and they said that if ever we had time in between sits to let them know and they would book some “holiday time” away. We jumped at the opportunity for two reasons. The first we would get to care for Sampson again and secondly with housesitting there are times between sits where we either need to book accommodation ourselves or visit with family. We are very grateful for this generous offer from Sampson’s owners. Sampson is still the big lovable boy that we encountered on our last sit with him! Responsibilities Included: Feeding/Water for Sampson Mail Collection/Security Home

Pre Dinner Pose
Beautiful Markings

Previous Sit: 6th August – 18th August 2017