Chevy the Greyhound – Built For Speed But Prefers the Quiet Life – Gold Coast – Qld – 06th to 18th January 2020

Chevy belongs to our daughter and grandson and we looked after him, their fish and their unit while they were away on holidays in North Queensland. He is a 6 year old ex racer and was purchased through the Greyhound Adoption Program and has been a loved family member for the past two years.

Chevy loves to go for his walks but I think secretly prefers to be on his bed as this is where he can be found anytime during the day. We took him out both early morning and late afternoon due to the weather being so hot at the time. He is a very gentle dog preferring to just walk on by when meeting other dogs. It is always interesting to see people’s reactions to a greyhound with some either very curious or crossing the road or even turning back in order not to meet up with you. I can fully understand this reaction as prior to getting Chevy I had no idea of their gentle natures.

This sit was not without mishap! We had an unusual amount of rain with an early morning storm and at 4.30am found ourselves having to mop up and try to contain water that was coming through the front door. Thankfully Bruno found a blocked drain on the top of the driveway and once unblocked the water started to drain away!! The aftermath was a couple of hours of mopping but the unit is now with very clean floors. At one stage I said to Bruno “This could happen to us on a sit!” His reply “We are on a sit!!!!”