Falling In Love With Gidget – A Little Boston Terrier With A Huge Personality – West End – Qld – 05 Mar to 24 Mar 2020

We were contacted by Gidget’s owners through our website and accepted the sit as we were free for the month of March. This then completed our sits before we were to fly out to France.  We were able to visit before the sit and meet with Gidget and her owners. This would be again, a first for us sitting a Boston Terrier. We were greeted by this little ball of energy and fell in love with her immediately.

Cuteness Overload
Scoping out the opposition
Busy Bee

Gidget lives in a lovely apartment across from the Brisbane river. There is a great river walk and also an off-leash park close by. These were our destinations several times a day and Gidget also came for a family visit and beach outing to Caloundra. Her owner said that her “likes” in order are the beach, balls, people, food and then other dogs. She has her certain favourite toys and would deliver one to your feet hoping for that one more throw or game of tug of war. You needed to be the one that stops play as she would go on forever, knowing no boundaries. It was quite hot while we were there and we didn’t want this little ball of energy overheating. She made us laugh several times when she would lie down not wanting to budge if she knew that we were heading home or if she was still in control of the ball, she would just drop it far enough from herself in order for you not to be able to reach her! Such a clever girl!

Family visit
Beach Visit
No, I’m not ready to go home!

Due to Covid19 the owners took the decision to return back to Australia from France 5 days earlier than they were booked to return.  We stayed with Gidget until we were certain her Mum & Dad were back in Australia. We left her and the apartment in the evening, allowing her owners to be in their own home to self-isolate for the 14 day period that was required. It was lovely to receive a video of their homecoming and her reaction.

Deep in conversation
He’s reading and I would like to go for a walk!
Read my face! I would really like to go for a walk!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water for Gidget

Daily walks several times a day & ball play

Medication for Gidget

Mail Collection/Security