Feathers, Fur & Scales in Arundel – Queensland – Australia – 2 Dec – 17 Dec 2018

We applied through Aussie House Sitters and arranged to visit on our return, with the owners, after phoning them while we were still overseas. A week or so to recover and we then took a drive down to Arundel to meet with them. In our care we would have Jordan and Meeka – the furry members of the crew, seven birds the feathered members and Rango, one water dragon the scaly member. Jordan and Meeka were easy care with no need of a walk, as per owner’s request. At feed time we needed to separate them as Jordan was a speed eater and moved quite quickly onto Meeka’s meal after finishing his own.

Meeka enjoying “inside time”
“I am allowed up here”
Jordan took quite a shine to Bruno
Saying goodbye is never easy!

Rango was our first Water Dragon that we have looked after. He also was easy care with enough live food and dry food being left in his tank to see the sit through. He was in a temperature controlled tank and this needed to be monitored for his comfort. He loved to spend time in his water container that was in his tank.

There were three cages for the birds. In the first cage was Harry the lorikeet, in the second was a mixture of cockatiels and in the third cage was a blue ringneck parrot. The cockatiels and ringneck were easy care but Harry was a different story! We had been warned that he bites and so cleaning and feeding was a little complicated and needed the two of us to complete both tasks! I am sure anyone seeing us clean and change his feed would have thought it quite comical as Harry was determined to get a bite in! Thankfully we came away with all fingers intact!

Responsibilities Included: Feeding Jordan & Meeka. Morning & night & making sure that they had fresh water. Playtime for them both. Temperature monitoring for Rango and daily cleaning of his water. Cleaning the bird cages, checking their food/water supply. Harry had a special blend of food that needed to be mixed in water and changed daily. Security of the home. Pool maintenance. Mail Collection