Head Over Heels In Love with Rockie – Tauranga – NZ -08 Nov to 25 Nov 2019

We were able to meet with Rockie and his owners on our way to New Plymouth before returning to Tauranga to start the sit. Rockie is the sweetest little dog that you could ever meet. He was very easy care and loved to go for his walks each day.

Rockie Dog
Walk Close to Home

Rockie required daily eyedrops, he would sit and allow you to put one drop in each eye, a process made easy as he looked forward to a treat as his reward. He also had a weekly visit to Animates for a bath. The owners had paid for a yearly subscription and Rockie could be taken anytime. Animates was a short walk and we enjoyed taking him each Friday for his wash. We are not sure whether Rockie felt the same way!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Tauranga as the home was situated within walking distance to the city centre and everything that you could possibly need. There are great cafes and restaurants in the area and many nice walks where we were able to take Rockie either by car or on foot.

With all of our sits, be they long or short we feel that we make a close connection with the pets. With this sit the bond between Rockie and Bruno was special and very evident in the following photos!

Responsibilities Included:

Scatter Feed/Water and twice daily walks for Rockie

Daily Eyedrops & Weekly Wash for Rockie

Security for the Home/Mail Collection/Watering Plants