Juno & Lenna – Tanawha – Qld – 04 July to 09 July 2020

We were asked by a fellow sitter as to whether we would be interested in a short sit that, due to her house sitting commitments was unable to fill. We phoned the owners and arranged to visit as we were staying close by at the time. Confirming that they were happy for us to sit for them we accepted and with Covid19 in full swing this allowed us to get our pet fix!

In our care was Juno a 10-month-old Ridge back pup and Lenna a beautiful Burmese who was an “indoor only” cat. Both pets were just a delight and we had a lot of fun playing with Juno who was always up for a game of ball or whatever other toy you could throw. She has plenty of room to move as the owner’s beautiful home is on acreage. Juno stays in her crate at night in one of the downstairs rooms and is very happy to do so, this was a first for us and as I had read saw the security, she must have felt by going in each night. An early let out in the morning and she was off!

Being young Juno was fed three times a day a very healthy diet and Lenna looked forward to that sardine included into her meal each night.

We enjoyed our short stay with these two lovely animals and for us, a first with Juno’s age and breed.

Responsibilities Included:

Water/Feed Juno & Lenna

Security of the Home

Mail Collection

Watering of the Plants