Lexus A Little Blue Tabby Living In Bellbowrie – Qld – 03 to 21 June 2021 & 21 to 25 Oct 2021

We were to be Lexus’s owners first house sitters and after a visit to their lovely home and meeting Lexus we were accepted for the sit. Lexus is an older pet and most days was just happy to lay on her bed venturing off to eat and drink.

Close By
Getting To Know You!

While looking after Lexus we noticed that she was drinking an unusual amount of water and using her litter tray more frequently. We queried this with her owner and it was decided that we would take her to her vet just to have her checked over. We, and her owners were very glad that we did as she was then diagnosed with feline diabetes. We were a few days out from the end of the sit and when Lexus’s owners returned they were able to get her insulin levels right with daily injections.

Beautiful Gardens Surround The Home
Some Daily Visitors
Watching the Sun Go Down

We were so happy to be invited back by Lexus’s owners to be looking after her again. We found a very different little girl this time round with her being well and not sick. She became our little shadow and where we sat she came to do so also. Lexus is an early riser and a favourite time of the day for me was getting to sit with her in one of the areas in the garden and watch the day begin. We have been invited back again and are hoping that we are available to look after her.

Early Morning

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water for Lexus

Litter Tray Maintenance

Security Of The Home

Mail Collection

Some Watering Of Plants

Feed For The Birds

Beautiful Lexus