Mya – A Well Trained Girl Living In Taringa, Qld, Australia -18 May – 9 June 2019

We met with Mya’s owners a couple of weeks prior to the sit and were able to go through the care instructions for both Mya and their lovely home. Mya has been very well trained, so much so that she is able to walk off leash when appropriate and obey every command. She will go ahead but is forever on the lookout that you are following her. She will stop at the kerb and wait for the command “walk to heel” before crossing the road. It was such a pleasure walking her.

Mya Walking Ahead
Mya Waiting Ahead

Mya’s home backs onto a corridor of bushland which not only is an appealing view from the home but allows her the freedom to take herself off for a wander. She is very obedient and if out of sight, it is only a matter of calling her name and she returns to her yard. She is quite the celebrity with the school children who use the pathway to the school near the home.

Pondering The Meaning Of Life
The Celebrity Strikes Again

Mya is always up for a game and she loves to chase a ball through the bushland at the back of the home. It was nothing to turn around and she would have either a ball or stick in her mouth! It was always us who tired first of these games as she could have gone on forever.

Ball Time
Stick Time

Looking after Mya was very easy and we enjoyed our time in Taringa. The home is very close to Brisbane City and two major shopping centres. We were able to take advantage of some of the lovely cafes within the area also. The owners have tastefully and fully renovated the home and it is easy care and very comfortable.

There were many walks that we were able to do with Mya which included the Mt Cootha Forest – here she had to be on leash. She walked well both on and off leash.

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Mya

Daily walk & play

Security of the Property

Mail Collection

Lawn/Garden Care – Mowing & Watering