Nugget The Gentle Giant & Tiesto The Cat – Norman Park – Qld – 02 Apr to 22nd April 2021

With Bruno and I splitting he stayed in Norman Park with Nugget and Tiesto for ten days while I was in Carrara on the Gold Coast with Alfie & Bailey. Both owners were agreeable for us to do so. The owners of Nugget had described him as gentle, obedient and loyal and this is exactly was he was. Nugget is 8 years old and was very content to go for his daily lap around the park, eat, snooze and spend time on the front deck with us. It was slightly amusing watching people’s reactions when walking towards them with this beautiful boy. Tiesto is a pretty little girl and was just as easy to look after and spent most of her time asleep in her spot on the lounge or could be found on her chair near the kitchen.

Out & About

Nugget is not a big fan of storms and large gatherings. Living across from a beautiful park we found that a lot of balloon popping birthday parties were in full swing most weekends. For these times Nugget felt safer and more comfortable either in his space downstairs or close by to us. We were very lucky to have back up in a neighbour who had also owned a Bull Mastiff and knew Nugget well.

Tiesto – could this be a hint that it is dinnertime?
Tiesto & Nugget
Taking a break

We enjoyed spending time with Tiesto and Nugget and would return to look after them in an instant!

Responsibilities Included:

Water/Feed for Tiesto & Nugget

Security of the Home

Daily Walks for Nugget

Mail Collection/Watering Plants