Our Stay With Biscuit The Cavoodle – Annerley – Qld – 03 Jan to 09 Jan & 05 Feb to 09 Feb 2021

We were able to visit with Biscuit’s owners prior to the sit and were pleased that we would be caring for this full of fun little dog. Our first sit with Biscuit was cut short because of Brisbane having a 3 day snap lock down due to Covid. Biscuit’s owners had a family member care for him for one night to allow us to go early to our next sit which then in turn allowed those owners to leave early to avoid the restriction of movement during the lock down. We were very happy to be invited back for another short stay with Biscuit in February. We were close to everything that we needed and it was lovely to walk the streets of this leafy suburb with Biscuit. There are several cafes nearby all within walking distance and Biscuit enjoyed accompanying us to these.

Loves A Cuddle
Enjoying A Coffee
Homeward Bound

Biscuit has a resident possum residing in the trees in his backyard. We were mindful as to not have him out too early in the morning or late at evening due to the fact that he would be barking non stop in order to see the intruder off his property. He was a gentle little dog but certainly didn’t like those possums or the postman!

Eye On The Prize
Caught In The Act

Biscuit could be found any time of the day relaxing on the lounge. He kept us amused with his changing positions on the couch. He was a very easy little dog to look after and a touch of the lead would have him at the front door ready to go for a walk!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Biscuit

2 X Daily Walks

Security /Mail Collection

Minimal Lawn Care

Watering Pot Plants