Our Time With Rosie & Busby – Bribe Island – Qld – 09 Dec 2020 to 02 Jan 2021

The most challenging sit to date but we would do it all over again!

We met with Rosie & Busby’s owners prior to the sit and were given the back stories of these two beautiful rescues. They could not have found themselves with any better owners for their new lives. Their devotion to Rosie & Busby is outstanding.

Busby & Rosie

Rosie suffers anxiety greatly and with having a new home built either side the vet thinks that, that might have started off her paw licking, she had well and truly licked some sections of her paws to the stage of being raw in some spots. Then throw us (new carers) into the mix and the licking continued.

Walking to take her mind off the cone
Starting to look better
The offending socks!

Communicating with Rosie’s owners we were able to try several things which included taking her to the vets to have a cone fitted, an antiseptic spray to deter her from licking, applying hemp oil to her fur gently massaging it in and covering her legs with socks. The cone just exacerbated her anxiety to a higher level so that was off within the hour, the spray helped as did we felt, applying the hemp oil. The socks she had chewed off her legs in record time!

We are very pleased to say that Rosie calmed down over a period of time and she must of thought that “This pair aren’t that bad after all” We stayed strictly to her routine and it was lovely to see this beautiful girl get better with things every day. She was walked twice daily and enjoyed going out early morning and late afternoon due to the heat.

Checking out the neighbours
Rosie & Bruno
Belly Rub Bliss

Busby was also a delight and with everything that was going on we feel looking back on the sit, took second place. We also kept Busby in his routine and each day he was given his food supplement which he always took gladly. Busby is an “inside only” cat.

Daily Food Supplement
Yes, I am allowed up here!
Busby giving Bruno’s glasses a close inspection

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Rosie & Busby

2 X Daily Walks for Rosie

Medication – Weekly tablet for Rosie & Daily Food Supplement for Busby

Cleaning & Change Litter for Busby

Security of the Home

Mail Collection

Watering of Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Lawn Care