Robina – Qld – With Koda A Cute Manx – 05 Nov to 21 Nov 2020

Koda was our first little Manx cat that we have looked after and she is as cute as a button. We were recommended to the owners by other house sitters as they were already booked. Meeting with the owners and Koda prior to the sit we were very taken with her little personality. She is not a little cat that enjoys being picked up or nursed, but does love a brushing several times a day. Her markings make her look a little grumpy but she was far from it! Koda is an inside only cat but the owners have made the back deck secure allowing Koda some outside time during the day.

Deck Time
Cooling off on the Tiles
Don’t stop!

She has some quirky little habits which included if you went anywhere near the fridge she would immediately go to her bowl and sit patiently waiting just in case you gave in. For some of these moments she was allowed a few dry pellets. Her owners have her on a very good eating plan and all her food for the morning and evening meals were prepped and measured. They were stored in the freezer for our convenience. We likened Koda to the feline version of a Labrador. She just loves her food! Also, each night it was like she was on “neighborhood watch” duties. She would stand and peer out through the blinds for ages!

Neighborhood Watch!
Feed Me!

The owners have a lovely vegetable garden and also several flower beds in the front yard. It was extremely hot during our stay and these were watered daily AND we were the recipients of lovely fresh vegetables.

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water For Koda

Daily Brushing (Important Due To Her Double Coat)

Security/Mail Collection Of The Home

Daily Watering Of Gardens