Rusty – The Sweetest Cocker Spaniel – Ashmore- Queensland- Australia – 5 Jan – 19 Jan 2019

Rusty’s owners were off to Western Australia to visit with family so needed someone to care for their special boy. Rusty lost one of his eyes several years ago due to an illness.  He is also quite elderly and it was our pleasure to have him placed in our care. He is such a gentle boy and would like to stay near you at all times.  Rusty requires drops into his remaining eye and you only have to call him and say “eye drops, Rusty” and he would come to your side and look up at you knowing what was to come. Now, I would like to say it was because of his impeccable behaviour, some would say it was because of the treat he knew he would get after the drops is the reason, he is so well behaved! Straight after the drops he would then head to the pantry door!

Such a good boy

We were also told by his owners that he would not go for his walk if only one of us went. One morning we put that to the test and sure enough he sat on the driveway refusing to move until we both headed off down the road with him. Rusty’s walks were not too long due to the heat and his age. There is a park at the end of the street which became his daily “go to” walk and there we would sit for a while allowing him to take in the sights and sounds of the area.

At the park
Taking in the sights and sounds

We love all the pets that we care for and there are some that steal your heart and Rusty is certainly one of these. He was such an “old & gentle soul” His favourite place to sleep at night was in the ensuite placing himself right at the door.

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Morning & Night & Water for Rusty

Daily Medication – Eye Drops

Daily Walk

Security Home/Mail Collection

Garden & Pool Care