Seven Days with Indie and Mocha in Auckland – NZ – 5th to 12th October 2019

When at our previous sit we arranged this week with Indie & Mocha’s owners and were able to visit and pick up keys from the family prior to the sit starting. An early morning departure flight on the 5th for the owners was the reason for doing this. In our care we had Indie the Cavoodle (another first for us) and Mocha, a beautiful feline in both looks and nature.

We had so much fun with these two – Indie was still very much at that puppy stage and was always up for a game be it with her favourite toys, playing ball or arriving quickly on the scene if you even remotely looked like you might pay Mocha some attention.

Favourite Toy
Yet to learn you need to give it back!
Mocha looking for some “Me time”
Indie making sure that’s not going to happen!

Once again we had lovely walks close by to the home. Our favourite was the Rotary Walkway which skirted the seaside with views across to Mt Wellington. Indie loved her two daily walks and was happy on leash. We were kindly invited to have afternoon tea with a family member and took Indie along with us. An enjoyable visit watching the sailboats race.

Responsibilities Included:

Food/Water for Indie & Mocha

Twice Daily Walks Indie

Mail Collection/Security of the Home