Sitting With Bruno’s Namesake & Jax – Redland Bay – Qld – 28 Oct to 31 Oct 2020

We were to be Bruno & Jax’s owners first housesitters and met with their owner prior to the sit as our dates worked in well to do a short sit. We have met many dogs named Bruno either on our walks or at the dog park but never sat for one before. Well now we have! Bruno is a beautiful big chocolate Labrador with Jax the Jack Russell X as his companion. We had a lot of fun on this sit with taking the boys for walks and watching their antics in the pool.

Bruno & Jax
The Boys
Bruno & Bruno

They are the best of mates and always together. It was lovely walking along the foreshore with them which was one street over. After our walk each day they would head straight for the pool and loved to play with the balls. Bruno mostly just went for a paddle with observing from the steps but Jax was up for more activity with jumping into the pool to retrieve a ball.

The Swimmer
The Ball Boy

Jax loved to position himself on Bruno’s back to get a birdseye view of what was happening in the world. This was where he could be found many times throughout the day!

Responsibilities Included:

Water/Feed Jax Bruno X 2 Daily

Daily Walks/Ball Play

Mail Collection

Security of the Home