The Beautiful Scenic Rim With Jazz, George & Belle – Boonah – Qld – 22 Feb to 15 Mar 2021

We met with Dave and his little crew prior to the sit and arrived mid morning of the day of his departure. After a run through of his notes he was on his way. In Dave’s words: “Jazz and George are mini foxies, about 14 years old. Jazz is rather deaf and a little vision impaired. She is also quite anxious and often shakes, but she is a happy dog and will usually hover nearby and keep you company. George is super friendly, loves constant cuddles and is a sook. Belle is a furry friendly fat cat, who has never scratched anyone. She occasionally gets a urinary inflammation if stressed which is relieved by simple medication”. Thankfully we feel that Belle was comfortable with us and never needed this medication.

Not Enough Hands!
Neighborhood Watch!
Jazz & Belle
Sleeping On The Job!
George & Belle

The three pets were very easy care and we enjoyed our time staying in Dave’s lovely country home in Boonah. Jazz, George & Belle are very much into a routine and I suppose this makes for an easy transition from owners to sitters as they all seemed very happy and contented to be with us. We had daily walks with them and also had some time out to explore the beautiful area.

George Doing What He Does Best!
George Never Far From You! Such A Snuggler!

Responsibilities Included:

Feed/Water Jazz, George & Belle

Change Belle’s Litter

Security/ Mail Collection Home

Lawn & Garden Care

Mini Foxies About Town!